Saturday, January 31, 2009

Twins, a kid with a headache and Henri (2.6kilos!!) for the last time.

Two seriously cute babies. Twin A, as you can see from her molding is on the right. Twin B is on the left. Both of them took one look at each other and both started sucking their thumbs.

Gazing at each other while we got mom sorted.
One lovely placenta. Tricky to photograph, no place to put it except in the sink. The midwives thought I was completely nuts photographing it. As you can see - one placenta (possibly two, fused) and two sacs of membranes. The cord insertion on the left side of this placenta is marginal, the other though, is more central. Fat, healthy, gorgeous.

The molding and caput of my career second OP baby. A 3.4kilo 'moose' born to a very worn out primip mother after a 2hour second stage (LONG by Nivan standards). Fun birth to do with a fresh med student - only her third vaginal birth - who was gobsmacked as baby rotated out into our hands: "Why didn't he do that earlier?!" was indeed a worthwhile question. I hated to point out that the AROM at 5cm likely had something to do with it.

Henri, sweet wee picaninni from week 1 (birth weight 1.8kg), returns for his last maternity ward weigh-in. He's now up to a whopping 2.6kilos. His sweet mother still giggles at my attention to her little guy.


Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures Louisa! So nice to see you in there too! Any chance we get a shot of your belly?? :) or where you're staying? (for us visual folks ;) !

CFB said...

holy moly - i didn't recognize you!! It finally occurred to me that that might be YOU in the photo. When I oomed in, I realized, clearly, it is. Your belly! Your hair! Wowzers.

Leigh said...

beautiful photos of beautiful babies! i love your blog. thanks for reading and commenting on mine :)